Come and Visit Beautiful Fairbanks
and Let Us Create a Custom Alaskan Tour for You

Experience the many exciting dining, sightseeing and shopping opportunities in Fairbanks.

Fairbanks has many interesting museums, cultural centers, shopping plazas and dining establishments.

Your personal tour guide will work with you in selecting what you would like to see and where you might like to shop or explore one or more of the wonderful museums in the city.

Denali National Park is one of the most interesting parks in the United States and is just two hours south of Fairbanks.

Your tour guide will pick you up from your location and transport you to the Denali National Park.

Here you can hike, camp, take one of many bus tours into the park and much more.

You will see a variety of wildlife including bears, wolves, foxes, caribou, moose, rabbits and eagles.

Arctic Circle with view of the Northern Lights.

Experience the Arctic Circle and amazing Northern Lights with the Cafego’s Arctic Circle Aurora Tours.

Your Arctic Circle/Aurora Borealis Day begins with us picking you up at your location. Free guest pickup included in the cost of your tour.

Information and knowledge about Alaska will be given to you by your personal guide.

Imagine sitting, bundled up in a warm blanket, atop a sled with a pack of energetic animals eager to pull you along at a terrific pace.

The well trained sled dogs can hardly wait to get hooked into the harness so they can take off into the wilderness on another exciting trip.

You will thrill to the wind on your face as they move you along the slick snow surface on an adventure you won’t soon forget.

The thrill of roaring along on a snow machine in Alaska is one you won’t soon forget. Let Cafego’s schedule such an adventure for you.

Young, middle aged or old, there is hardly any adventure that gives you the exhilarating feeling of gliding along the snow in a snow machine.

The pure beauty of the forest, the snow covered mountains and being out in the wild is a fantastic feeling. Let us schedule such an adventure for you.

Winter may be upon the land, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at catching a few of the fish near Fairbanks.

What speaks more the frozen northern regions of Alaska than sitting in a small house ice fishing.

Bundle up in your warmest clothes, take along some hot coffee, chocolate or maybe something a bit more hardy.

Then drop you line through the ice and see what happens.

Tony Cafego is an experienced Alaskan Guide. His knowledge of the region will help you get a great idea of what this region is all about.

There is hardly any limit as to what you have to enjoy here in the Fairbanks area. Take a ride to the Arctic Circle, view the famous pipeline system, explore hiking trails, experience a paddle boat trip, checkout a Gold Dredger, go for a sled dog trip or try your hand a ice fishing. And then there’s the Northern Lights!

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